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Crypto Valley Conference: MiCA Regulation and the future of blockchain

On the 2-3 of June "SUPER HOW?" team attended one of the main events for the crypto community in Switzerland: the Crypto Valley Conference. It was two days of discussions on blockchain technology's current state and future, presentations, master classes, a showcase of new products and services, and networking.

"The most interesting part of this conference was discussions about the changes after adopting MiCA (Markets in Crypto-assets) Regulation. In my opinion, it was the best discussion that I have heard so far on this theme because it touched real pain points of this regulation implementation. For example, DAO or DAO based stablecoins will not comply with European Union regulations and will be very hard to adopt at large in the European market. However, it will be very important to prove that financial service is truly decentralized as it will be the main separator between compliant and unregulated. This discussion showed gaps in MiCA Regulation and one more time confirmed that it was prepared by representatives of classical finances that do not understand the crypto economy very well," says Andrius Bartminas, the co-founder and CEO of "SUPER HOW?".

Last year's Crypto Valley Conference was all about NFTs. This year it touched on a wider variety of themes such as GameFi, play-to-earn, sustainability, marketing and brand storytelling, creative economy for the music industry and many more. Unfortunately, some of the themes were only entry-level.

"This year's conference attracted a really high number of attendees from very different backgrounds. As blockchain technology professionals, we noticed that we have already outgrown this content and would like to hear more in-depth presentations and discussions regarding the adoption of blockchain and various technical solutions. Unfortunately, some of the presentations sounded like pitches, so now we are ready to level up and look for a new source for sector knowledge update," says Andrius Bartminas.

"SUPER HOW?" team thanks to the organizers, speakers, and everyone involved in this conference for this years' experience!

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