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Crypto Valley Conference 2021: NFT, NFT, NFT

The last days of October marked one of the best events in the crypto world: the Crypto Valley Conference in Switzerland. Two days of in-depth discussions on blockchain technology's current state and future, NFT Gala, a showcase of new products and services, and networking. Without a doubt, “SUPER HOW?” team was there too.

"Blockchain is a disruptive technology, and it will surely bring much more revolutionary changes in finances and other areas in the future. It was a pleasure to participate in the Crypto Valley Conference and discuss what is trending in our area. The main topic was the booming of NFT and the changes that it brings to different areas, including the art market. Naturally, superhow.ART project got a big dose of attention too. But, of course, meeting new people and having the opportunity to talk with the experts of this area was the best part," says Andrius Bartminas, the co-founder and CEO of “SUPER HOW?”.

Another interesting and relevant theme discussed in the Crypto Valley Conference was CBDC - central bank digital currencies. The panel discussion hosted by David Wachsman was very insightful. In our team's opinion, the best forward-looking ideas were from Thomas Moser from the Swiss National Bank (SNB). He stated that it would be very interesting to create a synthetic CBDC (sCBDC) and new economic model, thinking about it globally, not only locally, to ensure more stability. Furthermore, he mentioned that we could have Swiss franc (CHF) in decentralized infrastructure, but we should discuss and explore all pros and cons that it could bring to a modern economy.

"Recently European Central Bank (ECB) announced about Digital Euro advisory group composed of financial market participants – commercial banks, payment institutions, and others, so this shows that discussions about Euro and its stability are very relevant to the Eurozone as well. As I have mentioned before, we are happy to see that experienced people are joining ECB forces. However, sometimes we should go with a radically fresh approach, looking for new models and new possibilities instead of fixing and improving "old" that was discussed in this particular panel," says Andrius Bartminas.

“SUPER HOW?” team thanks to the organizers, speakers, and everyone involved in this conference for the great experience!

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