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The revolution of art collecting: a real painting by Oleg Tselkov will be sold as NFT at an auction

Superhow.ART has just announced its very first NFT auction of a real fine art painting. The auction will be open for all bidders as there could be one Whale winner receiving full ownership of the painting, or many Shrimp winners, bidding to share the NFT in relevant parts.

Adding value to the crypto market

“Crypto market participants are used to digital art. So we wanted to show that it is possible to become the owner of fine art painting and buy it as NFT. You can buy full or fractional ownership. It can become a revolution of art collecting and open new possibilities for everyone,” says Vytautas Kašėta, CEO and co-founder of superhow.ART.

The auction structure is based on official Ethereum blockchain smart contracts technologies, which are decentralized and have a better defense against malicious activity, making the security strong and reliable.

There is no minimum value for the painting, as there is no reserved price for the auction. Therefore the price of the painting will be left for all the bidders to decide. For more information about the project process, visit the how it works section.

The painting at stake – an avant-garde piece of a non-conformist

The object of the first auction – recently deceased Oleg Tselkov’s oil canvas painting “Head with Legs“ (130 x 195 cm). Ever since his career, Tselkov developed and kept his unique non-conformist surrealist ideas and style.

Doing so makes his eccentric art modern, relevant to this day, and a valuable addition to art collections, as t are receiving a significant amount of attention in auctions worldwide.

However, this will be the first time Tselkov’s painting might get an unlimited number of owners if Shrimps' combined bidding pool exceeds Whale's highest bid. This NFT auction is a chance for smaller bidders to prove that they too can purchase fine art and that this is no longer exclusively a luxury of high-bidding Whales.

Guaranteed anonymity and data security

The auction provides guaranteed anonymity as no user data will be stored. Every transaction will use wallets and a smart contract to communicate, thus, preventing personal data leaks.

With that and the love for art in mind, prepare to enjoy the bidding experience and add a magnificent piece to your NFT collection or start the journey of fine art collecting. For more information, please visit

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