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SUPER HOW? will participate in the development of the Blockchain Competence Centre in Lithuania

We are proud to announce that SUPER HOW? together with Crypto Economy Organisation and BCCS cluster has established a blockchain competence centre "Blockchain Lithuania" the aim of which is to unite representatives of the private and public sectors, together to create and implement innovative solutions based on blockchain technology.

Lithuania has already joined the European Commission's initiatives in the field of blockchain and is demonstrating openness to innovation. But although the topic of blockchain is under active discussion, one of the existing problems is the obvious lack of ways to apply it, not only in developing new business models and products but also in improving the quality of public services. That is why one of the main challenges and goals that Blockchain Lithuania will pursue at the national and regional level is the goal of connecting all stakeholders to the ecosystem for effective cooperation and implementation of large-scale projects.

"Blockchain Lithuania" divides its business objectives into the following areas:

  1. Core competence: to create one place to acquire knowledge, talents and technologies related to blockchain and distributed data technologies.

  2. Professional development and change: to organize events and university programs that increase the talent and competence of the private and public sectors.

  3. Harnessing innovation: facilitating public-private opportunities, collaboration and innovation.

  4. Research: Conduct research, analysis, provide guidance, methodologies, and policy-making to create a sustainable blockchain and DLT ecosystem.

  5. Awareness and support: To maintain a balanced regulatory ecosystem for technological progress.

The establishment of the "Blockchain Lithuania" is an opportunity for SUPER HOW? to share the experience gained participating in various R&D activities and business cases with market participants and supervisory authorities, legislators and to solve challenges that hinder the effective development of innovation in Lithuania: dispel myths about blockchain technologies and cryptography, explain technology applications and methods.

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