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SUPER HOW? collaboration in energy efficiency R&D project together with Energus Group

Renewable energy is slowly gaining popularity in the world, but before it generates most of the world electricity, everyone should save energy to protect the planet. Electricity quantities and prices among current end-users tend to increase steadily as a result of the rapid uptake of modern technology and the increasing need for comfort for each user is directly related to the amount of Internet items and other smart electricity consumption of electricity. Also, the technology market is filled with new smart devices that do not have a unifying platform that allows them to communicate properly, exchange information, learn from the information collected, use renewable energy properly, which inevitably increases power consumption and reduces efficiency.

EU leaders increasingly focus on developing the European digital market management system. The penetration of artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things into many areas (healthcare, transport, government, financial sector, manufacturing), the growing need for big data analytics and new ways of using Blockchain technology open up new business models and start-ups. The Internet of Things can be both a customer-specific infrastructure service and a platform for integrating system services. High levels of artificial intelligence solutions deployment and related automation are predicted to directly and/or indirectly affect all companies in the ICT market, as this market share is already expanding rapidly.

The main objective of the work is to create an efficient energy management and monitoring platform for Internet of Things and engineering systems based on Blockchain and self-learning technologies, which should provide energy efficiency, economic and life cycle rationality, environmental and comfort acceptability for existing and new end users to users, data integrity and cyber security, dissemination of information related to the efficient management and use of engineering systems or the Internet of Things, increase the economic potential of the Internet of Things, and the efficient use of energy from renewable sources.

Solutions developed by the expert system must ensure energy efficiency, economic rationality of the life cycle and an increase in the criteria of general sustainability that binds the acceptability of the environment and comfort.

SUPER HOW? team is project partner responsible for Blockchain and AI related scientific research.

Project is funded from the European Union Structural Funds 2014–2020 priority axis No. 1 "Strengthening research and development and innovation" initiative "Experiment" for funding No. 01.2.1-LVPA-K-856. Assigned project number - 01.2.1-LVPA-K-856-01-0199.

Project budget 1.795.596,60 EUR with 1.231.769,09 EUR funded by European Regional Development Fund.

Duration of the project - 36 months

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