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Marius Jurgilas joins the innovation laboratory "SUPER HOW?"

Updated: May 24

Marius Jurgilas

Marius Jurgilas, a former member of the board of the Bank of Lithuania, joins the team of the innovation laboratory "SUPER HOW?". He will lead an economic innovation research group working on emerging technologies projects.

"The Lithuanian financial system has moved forward very strongly during the decade. I am glad that I had the opportunity to contribute to this change and consolidate the name of Lithuania both in the European Union and the world in general. It is important that this positive dynamic continues and that financial technology innovations are properly used to maintain the competitiveness of the Lithuanian economy and its readiness for new challenges. Without the initiatives of the private sector and science based technological innovations, it will not be possible to achieve this," says Marius Jurgilas.

His team will work with projects that have a significant impact on the technology and financial ecosystem. The team is focused on the research and development of blockchain enabled technological solutions and products for green innovations, impact investment, and socially responsible investment market models.

Andrius Bartminas

"There is a change in the fintech sector. Hybrid innovations such as CeDeFi, which on the one hand are guided by decentralized technologies, blockchain technology, and tokenomics, but on the other hand operate as corporate regulated businesses with licenses and within the regulated area, are "loudly" entering the market. With his knowledge and competencies, Marius will contribute to the creation of the next generation internet hybrid (decentralized and centralized) innovations," says Andrius Bartminas, the co-founder and CEO of "SUPER HOW?".

M. Jurgilas holds a PhD in economics and is a partnership professor at Vilnius University. He has worked as an economist in the central banks of Great Britain and Norway and has gained academic work experience in the United States of America. In 2013, he was appointed a member of the Board of the Bank of Lithuania for two terms and supervised the areas of financial stability, cash, financial market supervision, physical and cyber security, financial asset management and market operations, policy of payment instruments and payment systems, and economic research.

SUPER HOW? is a private blockchain technology research laboratory. It has been recognized as an innovative Lithuanian enterprise. In 2022 SUPER HOW? was recognized as the "Fintech Innovator of the Year" in the Lithuanian Fintech Awards. The company is one of the founders of the Blockchain Lithuania Competence Center.

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