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BeMy.Digital facilitates the creation, trade, and curation of both digital and phygital collectibles


In today's digital era, creators face the challenge of effectively transforming their assets into unique and valuable NFTs. Additionally, there is a demand for platforms that not only support NFT creation and trading but also foster community engagement and offer a gamified experience. Collectors, on the other hand, seek seamless marketplaces where they can discover, purchase, and trade collectibles while being part of a vibrant community.


BeMy.Digital addresses these challenges by providing an all-encompassing platform that connects creators with collectors:

  • Empowering Creators. The platform enables creators to transform their assets into NFTs, providing new opportunities for engagement and monetization.

  • Seamless Marketplace. Collectors can discover, purchase, and trade digital and phygital collectibles effortlessly, immersing themselves in a dynamic community of enthusiasts.

  • Gamified Engagement. The platform incorporates gamification elements, enhancing community interaction and making the process of collecting and trading NFTs more enjoyable.

BeMy.Digital provides numerous benefits to its users:

  • Creator Empowerment. Creators can easily transform their assets into NFTs, reaching new audiences and monetizing their work.

  • Engaged Community. The platform enables creators and brands to engage with their community in new meaningful ways.

  • Seamless Transactions. Users can discover, purchase, and trade collectibles with ease, supported by a secure and efficient platform.

  • Exclusive Collaborations. Partnerships with artists, brands and institutions, such as the KEiiNO band, NOVA, INCM offer unique opportunities for collectors to gain exclusive content, offers and rewards.

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