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Project "SAGE"

AI Implementation for Dynamic Sales Engagement Solution


SUPER HOW? is thrilled to showcase Project "SAGE," a revolutionary solution developed to address the challenge of engaging potential clients visiting our website and understanding their unique needs. With a focus on solving, advising, guiding, and empowering, Project SAGE is set to transform the way businesses interact with their clients.


Client's Objective

As a company experiencing the frustration of static, one-size-fits-all website content and seeking innovative ways to engage potential clients, our primary objective was to create a dynamic sales engagement solution. Our goal was to better understand the needs of visitors landing on our website and provide personalized interactions to guide them through their buyer journey. After validating the solution ourselves (on our own skin), SUPER HOW? is eagerly looking forward to productizing the solution later this year.


Key Features and Functionality

Our dynamic sales engagement solution, Project "SAGE," offers a comprehensive set of features designed to facilitate human-like conversational engagement:

  • Authentic Conversations: SAGE simulates authentic, human-like conversations with potential customers, fostering genuine interactions and rapport.

  • Discovery of Needs and Pain Points: Through natural language processing and conversational AI, SAGE uncovers the needs and pain points of potential clients, allowing us to tailor our approach and solutions accordingly.

  • Guidance and Recommendations: SAGE provides personalized guidance and recommendations about SUPER HOW?'s services, products, and experience in building innovations, helping potential clients make informed decisions.

  • Real-Time Engagement: With interactive chatbots and conversational interfaces, SAGE enables real-time engagement with potential customers, addressing queries and concerns promptly.


Implementation Process

SUPER HOW? spearheaded the development and implementation of the dynamic sales engagement solution, drawing upon our expertise in AI technologies. We conducted extensive research to understand visitor behavior patterns and pain points, ensuring that the solution addressed our specific needs effectively. Through iterative testing and experimentation with large action models, we fine-tuned the solution to deliver optimal results in engaging and qualifying website visitors.


Results and Impact

The implementation of our dynamic sales engagement solution, Project "SAGE," has yielded significant results:

  • Enhanced Visitor Engagement: By delivering personalized content and interactive experiences, we have successfully captured the attention and interest of website visitors, leading to increased engagement and prolonged time spent on our site.

  • Improved Understanding of Visitor Needs: AI-powered insights provided by SAGE have provided valuable information about visitor preferences and pain points, enabling us to tailor our offerings and messaging to better meet their needs.

  • Increased Lead Qualification: Through authentic conversations and personalized recommendations, we have been able to identify high-potential leads more effectively, streamlining our sales process and improving conversion rates.

  • Better Customer Experience: Visitors appreciate the personalized approach and guidance offered by SAGE, leading to higher levels of satisfaction and a more positive perception of our brand.



Project "SAGE," our dynamic sales engagement solution, powered by AI technologies including large language models (LLM) and large action models (LAM), has transformed the way we interact with website visitors and understand their needs. By leveraging authentic conversations and advanced algorithms, we have created a personalized, interactive experience that resonates with potential clients and drives business growth. As a result, we are better equipped to navigate the complexities of selling complex products and services online, setting a new standard for engagement in the digital age.


We eagerly anticipate productizing the solution later this year, offering its transformative benefits to businesses across various industries.

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