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Transforming Social Networking and Culture Content


PickVibe, a pioneering project in collaboration with SUPER HOW?, sets out to revolutionize the realm of social networking and culture content. With a clear vision of fostering a trusted and vibrant ecosystem for quality cultural content, PickVibe embarked on a journey to redefine social media and digital content consumption through innovative technologies and socio-economic models.


Client's Vision

At the helm of PickVibe is a singular aspiration: to cultivate a community-driven platform where users can seamlessly discover and engage with high-quality cultural content tailored to their individual preferences. Embracing principles of privacy and user-centricity, PickVibe aims to foster genuine connections while empowering content creators through a blockchain-empowered socio-economic model.


Key Features and Functionality

PickVibe's feature-rich platform introduces a host of functionalities designed to elevate the user experience and promote meaningful interactions:

  • Human-Centric Approach: With a commitment to user privacy and well-being, PickVibe adopts a human-centric approach to social media, ensuring that users' personal data is treated with utmost respect.

  • Semantic Web Boosted Cultural Content: Leveraging semantic web technology, PickVibe enhances the discovery and consumption of cultural content, providing users with personalized recommendations tailored to their interests.

  • Blockchain-Empowered Socio-Economic Model: Through blockchain technology, PickVibe implements a socio-economic model that rewards content creators with professional, economic, and social points, incentivizing the production and consumption of quality content within the ecosystem.

  • Trusted and Sincere Content Reviews: PickVibe fosters a culture of trust and sincerity by enabling users to vibe, comment, discuss, and share content within a supportive environment, where genuine contributions are recognized and rewarded.


Social Impact and Inclusivity

Recognizing the importance of social inclusion, PickVibe is committed to fostering collaboration and cooperation within its community. By decentralizing management and implementing a balanced socio-economic model, PickVibe empowers every user to contribute meaningfully to the platform's ecosystem, irrespective of their background or status.


SUPER HOW?'s Contribution

As the driving force behind PickVibe's technological advancements, SUPER HOW? played a pivotal role in the project's success. Our team spearheaded the development of the blockchain infrastructure and tokenized incentive mechanism, ensuring that users maintain ownership of their data and fostering transparency within the ecosystem. Additionally, SUPER HOW? developed an AI solution and recommender system to personalize user experiences, leveraging advanced algorithms to provide tailored content recommendations.



Through our collaboration with PickVibe, SUPER HOW? has demonstrated our commitment to innovation and social impact. Together, we've reimagined the landscape of social networking and culture content, empowering users and content creators alike to connect, create, and thrive in a trusted and inclusive environment. Our expertise in blockchain infrastructure, tokenized incentive mechanisms, and AI solutions has been instrumental in bringing PickVibe's vision to life. If you're considering similar transformative solutions for your organization, our team is here to share our knowledge and experience to help you navigate the digital landscape effectively.



Contact us to discover how our expertise in blockchain infrastructure, tokenized incentive mechanisms, and AI solutions, as demonstrated through our collaboration with PickVibe, can enhance your digital journey.

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