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Kadesh Chain 

Revolutionizing Digital Contracts and Electronic Document Notary Services



SUPER HOW? is proud to showcase Kadesh Chain, a groundbreaking project aimed at transforming the landscape of digital contracts. Developed in collaboration with our experienced team, Kadesh Chain redefines the way contracts are executed, leveraging cutting-edge blockchain technology to ensure unparalleled security and authenticity.

The Vision Behind Kadesh Chain

Kadesh Chain draws inspiration from the ancient Treaty of Kadesh, reflecting our client's vision of fostering peace and cooperation in the digital era. With a clear and ambitious goal in mind, our client sought to pioneer the world's first blockchain-based platform for digital contracts, aimed at enhancing security and trust in online transactions. As masters of implementation, SUPER HOW? was entrusted to turn this vision into reality through our expertise in blockchain solutions.

Key Features and Functionality

Kadesh Chain boasts a range of innovative features designed to streamline contract execution and enhance user experience:

  • Biometric Smart Contract: Implementing biometric data for secure contract signing and verification.

  • Kadesh Will: Facilitating the creation and execution of legally binding digital wills.

  • Kadesh Box: Offering a secure digital vault for storing sensitive documents and data.

  • Kadesh Wallet: Providing a user-friendly interface for managing digital assets and interacting with the platform.

Developer Tools and Support

Developers are empowered with a suite of tools and resources to build and innovate on the Kadesh Chain platform, including:

  • Explorer: A comprehensive tool for network analysis and monitoring.

  • Wallet: An intuitive interface for testing platform interactions and managing digital assets.

  • Faucet: A gateway for obtaining test tokens for development and testing purposes.

  • API: A robust API for seamless integration with external systems and applications.

Tokenomics and Ecosystem Dynamics

Integral to the success of Kadesh Chain is the KDS token, which serves as the backbone of the platform's ecosystem. Our team meticulously analyzed and optimized the tokenomics, ensuring a sustainable and vibrant ecosystem for all stakeholders involved.

Built on SUPER HOW? Blockchain Solutions

Kadesh Chain is powered by the same enterprise-grade blockchain infrastructure developed and maintained by SUPER HOW?. Leveraging our technical expertise and commitment to excellence, we ensured the seamless implementation and operation of the Kadesh Chain platform, delivering exceptional results for our client.


With Kadesh Chain, SUPER HOW? has once again demonstrated our dedication to driving innovation and delivering tangible value to our clients. We invite you to experience the future of digital contracts with Kadesh Chain and witness firsthand the transformative power of blockchain technology.

Contact us today to learn more about how SUPER HOW? can empower your organization with blockchain solutions tailored to your needs.

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